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Pop Shop

{What is a cake pop you may ask?}

Cake pops: are a fun and delicious way to eat cake!
Cake pops are yummy balls of cake that are handmade and individually dipped in chocolate, then placed on a stick! nom nom nom! 
Soli's Cake Pops are decorated to fit any special or casual event. Cake Pops are perfect for Celebrating Birthdays, send your guests home with scrumptious Wedding party favors, start a new holiday tradition and share special sweets for The Holidays.  Sweeten up the bride with Soli's Cake Pops at your loved ones bridal shower.  
Have Soli's Cake Pops at every event including Baby showers, Anniversaries, Congratulations gift, corporate events and many more!
The Pops can be arranged as a Bouquet, individually wrapped and delivered in a box or displayed on a stand. I also make custom displays according to the theme of your occasion. Cake Pops can also be made into cake bites (without a stick).
Cake Pops are a great unique way to sweeten up your next event!

  { Display & Decor Examples }

 Semi Decorated Cake Pops with purple sugar dust and the pink one with coconut
Placed in a decorative bouquet.

Custom Sun Flower Cake Pop Bouquet

Mother's Day semi decorated Cake Pops with coconut.

Birthday Cake Pops semi decorated with sprinkles and sugar dust
Arranged in a custom display.

Double Display

Custom Owl Cake Pop Bouquet

Custom Elvis Cake Pops

Custom Justin Beiber Cake Pops
Placed in a custom display and individually wrapped.

Semi Decorated Cake Pops for Carlton Hair Salon
Placed in a custom display.

Custom Birthday Cake Pops Los Angeles Lakers themed
Placed on a custom made display.

Custom made Owl Cake Pops

Custom made Father's Day Cake Pop Bouquet